Networks are constantly under attack from cyber criminals, organised hackers and possibly disgruntled ex-employees with various potential risks of DDoS attacks, advanced malware, botnets, data breaches, and damage to business goals during downtime from security failures. Even a small vulnerability in a network or data centre infrastructure can lead to major financial and reputation damage.

Yet, securing the modern day network can be challenging, without specialist expertise, due to the wide range of business functions and systems that need protectection. Remote employees, distributed locations, and corporate data centres have distinct security and access requirements that transcend any single security or networking product. Defending an enterprise requires an ecosystem of products that integrate and operate together to provide maximum security for the business. However, the skills required to design and mange complex security systems, particularly across distributed enterprises, are generally beyond the typical network administrator.

SOLANET’s Security Experts are fully certified, with many years of designing and protecting enterprises against digital threats.

Our Security Solutions are customised to secure your enterprise at the core, edge or endpoint by integrating multiple security physical products and or Cloud services, including: Firewall, VPN, Application Control, Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Web Filtering, WAN Optimisation, DDOS Protection, Wireless Access Points, Endpoint Protection, Authentication and Cloud Email Protection.

Some of the brands we use to protect our customer's environments :